About Us

Established on World Environment Day on June 5, 2017, CEM is a registered non-profit organization that aims to promote knowledge and action on environmental and sustainability issues within the Filipino community and the broader society through advocacy, partnerships and collaboration.


CEM envisions a society that is low-carbon, sustainable and equitable, wherein lifestyle and consumption patterns respect the carrying capacity of our Mother Earth for the benefit of the present generation and those to come.


Enable the Filipino community and the broader society to make informed choices and decisions through awareness and relevant knowledge.

Collaborate and build meaningful partnerships with organizations in Manitoba and beyond to share resources and expertise to achieve common objectives.


SUSTAINABILITY: We believe in promoting and practicing a sustainable lifestyle which allows the current generation to meet their needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own.

LEADERSHIP: We aim to demonstrate principled leadership that embodies our core values of respect, integrity, and sincerity through leading others by example.

ACCOUNTABILITY: We believe in transparency and accountability in our decision-making, financial management, and organizational operations.

SCIENCE-BASED DECISIONS: We strive to make decisions based on peer-reviewed scientific facts and empirical evidence.

HOLISTIC APPROACH: We believe we must consider the interrelated social, economic, and environmental dimensions of sustainability driven by our own communities to fulfill our mission.

STRATEGIC PARTNERSHIPS: We seek to build partnerships and collaboration with organizations in Manitoba and beyond that share similar values and objectives to create a unified voice.

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The new CEM Board of Directors 2023-2024 consists of the following:

Chairperson: Ramon Faustino Sales, Jr., PhD
President and Head, External Relations Committee: Mariciel Nuyda, DEd
Secretary and Head, Information and Communication Committee: Mhaolene Leana B. Palevino, MSc
Treasurer and Head, Sponsorship Committee: Garry Alejo
Auditor and Head, Membership Committee: Rizalina Cortez
Head, Education Committee: Mia Balansag, MSc in MID
Board Member At – Large: Joy Rimano, MAEd