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Caring for our Environment – Manitoba launches year-end events (January 2023) Pilipino Express

By Mhaolene Leana B. Palevino

Caring for our Environment – Manitoba (CEM), Inc., in partnership with Let’s Talk Science (LTS) chapter -University of Winnipeg (U of W) and Arthur E. Wright Community School (AEWCS), held A Climate Action Workshop for Grades 3 to 6 students at AEWCS in Winnipeg on November 19, 2022. A total of 72 students and 14 volunteers from LTS-U of W, CEM and AEWCS teachers participated in this event.

The three workshop stations led by Let’s Talk Science aimed to actively engage students to learn more about waste recycling, reduction and upcycling, clean water, water conservation and climate change, all while having fun. Workshop outputs included individual and group posters about water conservation and the 4R’s (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Refuse) and the students own microplastic filters.

CEM President, Dr. Ramon Faustino Sales Jr., along with Ms. Harpreet Panag and Dr. Porfiria Pedrina, AEWCS Principal and Vice Principal, respectively, also shared their own remarks about the significance of environmental protection and conservation. They challenged the students, teachers, and volunteer-students of the event to continue the important fight for our environment through collaborations such as the Climate Action Workshop.

The event was also supported by Multi-Material Stewardship Manitoba (MMSM), Recycle Manitoba, and the Canadian Beverage Container Recycling Association (CBCRA), which provided promotional items to the participating students such as reusable bags, pens, jar openers and recycling guides.

Following the Climate Action Workshop, CEM launched a year-end event to celebrate the holidays and to induct its incoming Board of Directors for 2023 – 2024. The event, with the theme Enhancing Community Knowledge and Action: Alternative Approaches for a Sustainable Future was held at the Tyndall Park Community Centre in on December 10, 2022.

The event was attended by CEM members, volunteers, and organization partners. The guest speaker for the event was Noelle Vong, Communications Coordinator at Multi-Material Stewardship Manitoba (MMSM). She also led the induction of CEM’s board of directors for 2023-2024 namely: Ramon Faustino Sales, Jr. (Chairperson), Mariciel Nuyda (President and Head of External Relations Committee), Mhaolene Leana B. Palevino (Secretary, Head of Information Committee), Garry Alejo (Treasurer and Head of Sponsorship Committee), Rizalina Cortez (Auditor and Head of Membership Committee), Mia Cortez (Head, Education Committee), and Joy Rimano (Member at-Large).

The event also recognized the outstanding work of three CEM members, namely, Mia Balansag Omerez, Aira Villanueva and Mhaolene Palevino. As well, the outgoing CEM Board of Directors were awarded certificates of appreciation for their important contributions to the organization. They were, namely: Ramon Faustino Sales, Jr., PhD (president), Nikki Mailom (secretary), Arlene Licardo-Lontoc (treasurer), Teody Leano (Auditor), Mariciel Nuyda, DEd (Head, Education Committee), Allan Pamplona (Head, External Relations Committee), Dario Cidro, PhD (Head, Information and Communication Committee), Gina Gabriel (Head, Membership Committee), Rizalina Cortez (Head, Sponsorship Committee) and Sheila Leano (formerly Head, Information and Communication Committee.

Certificates of appreciation were also given to CEM partner organizations for their continued collaboration on advancing shared organizational goals. These included the Let’s Talk Science – University of Winnipeg, Arthur E. Wright Community School, MMSM, Recycle Everywhere – CBCRA, FoodTrip Kitchen, and the Manitoba Filipino Street Festival. CEM also acknowledged the support of raffle prize donors, namely: Norman Garcia of MR. PEG and realtor Gina Gabriel, May Sales, and Rizalina Cortez.

Caring for Environment Manitoba is excited to continue its work to uphold its goals of enabling the Filipino community and the broader society to make informed choices and decisions through awareness and relevant knowledge and to collaborate and build meaningful partnerships with organizations in Manitoba and beyond to share resources and expertise to achieve common objectives.

Individuals who are interested to join CEM and to do volunteer work may send an e-mail to caring4environment@gmail.com. You may also visit CEM’s website for more updates at ceminc.org.

Caring for our Environment – Manitoba holds four events (July 1, 2022) Pilipino Express

By Mhaolene Leana B. Palevino
Caring for our Environment – Manitoba (CEM) Inc., a registered non-profit organization, celebrated its fifth anniversary alongside the observance of World Environment Day 2022 on June 4, at Assiniboine Park. CEM held fun-filled and meaningful events aimed at promoting environmental awareness and inculcating sustainability values in members of the community. Highlights of the celebration included a flag raising ceremony, a park litter clean-up, and the launching of CEM’s website.

In the early morning of June 4, CEM participated in the annual Flag Raising Ceremony of the Philippine Heritage Council of Manitoba, Inc. This event was held at the Philippine Canadian Centre in Manitoba (PCCM) as part of the launching of the month-long Filipino Heritage Month celebration in Canada that takes place every June. CEM president, Ramon Faustino M. Sales, Information and Communication Committee Head, Dario Cidro, and External Relations Committee Head, Allan Pamplona and family, attended the ceremony.

The celebration then kicked off with a Litter Clean-up, the launching of CEM website and a get-together with food and music to celebrate the fifth anniversary of CEM.

Following this memorable celebration, CEM also took part in the two-day Manitoba Filipino Festival held last June 18-19.

Litter clean-up

In partnership with the Assiniboine Park Conservancy, Canadian Beverage Container Recycling Association (CBCRA) – Recycle Everywhere, and Knights of Columbus, CEM marked its World Environment Day with a Litter Clean-up, which included 47 volunteers, consisting of small children, youth, other volunteers, and members of the organization. The staff of the Assiniboine Park Conservancy warmly welcomed the group and provided them with litter pickers. Clean-up kits and clear plastic bags for recyclables, which were donated by the CBCRA-Recycle Everywhere, along with promotional items from Multi-Material Stewardship Manitoba, were also distributed by CEM. The participants were accompanied by the presence of a lot of Canadian geese around the park. It was a good sign that there was not much litter around.

CEM’s fifth anniversary

After the clean-up, members and volunteers headed out to celebrate the anniversary of CEM through a short program with good food and music. The CEM president graced everyone with his inspiring introduction. He shared how five years ago, six like-minded friends with a passion for environmental conservation, formed the organization. Now, the group has grown to over thirty regular members and with an expanding network of volunteer and friends. In line with World Environment Day, he also talked about our role in environmental conservation and challenged everyone to join the global call for effective transformative changes in policies and choices that will help humanity address the interconnected issues of climate change, loss of biodiversity and pollution.

Volunteers and other guests from Knights of Columbus, Ms. Galaxy Winnipeg, Ms. PreTeen Galaxy Winnipeg, also joined the program and shared their advocacies about environmental protection.

Another highlight of the celebration was the launching of CEM’s website. This supplements CEM’s Facebook and Instagram accounts, which serve as platforms for fostering public environmental awareness and knowledge sharing. Through its CEM website, the organization aims to expand its reach and to amplify its advocacies on environment and sustainability issues. With the valuable assistance of Jullie Quijano, the CEM Information and Communication Committee led the creation of this website, which features information about the organization’s vision and mission, its members, activities, and advocacies, published news articles, and ways to connect with the organization and help to promote the environment as well. The CEM website can be accessed at http://www.ceminc.org.

As part of CEM’s fundraising event, plant and other vegetable seedlings were also sold during the event.

Manitoba Filipino Street Festival 2022

On June 18-19, CEM also participated in this year’s Manitoba Filipino Street Festival (MFSF). This was the third year the organization took part in this largest Filipino community event in Manitoba with over 40 community associations participating in this annual event. At this event, CEM partnered with MFSF, CBCRA-Recycle Everywhere, GFL Environmental, Knights of Columbus-St. Edwards Council and MMSM to promote public awareness on waste recycling and reduction through deployment of regular and large recycling bins within the event site and the collection and proper disposal of recyclables.

The diversion of these recyclables away from our landfills will help lengthen their lifespan and conserve scarce natural resources. Landfills emit methane, a powerful greenhouse gas that causes climate change. Methane traps heat in the atmosphere 25 times more powerfully than carbon dioxide, a major greenhouse gas.

CEM also held a raffle and seedling fundraiser to support its activities this year. Raffle prize donors were Abigail Lagus, Alma May Sales, Realtor Gina Gabriel, Norman Garcia of MR. PEG, Linda Christine “Ting” Mallari of Utmost Financial, Rizalina Cortez, Teody Leano, Jeepney Restaurant, Mariciel Nuyda and Ramon Sales.

The success of these events would not have been possible without the continuous support of CEM’s key partner organizations, donors, and the members themselves who organized, attended, and volunteered for these events. Individuals who are interested in joining CEM as volunteers or members can send an e-mail to caring4environment@gmail.com.

Mhaolene Leana B. Palevino, is a member of the CEM Information and Communication Committee.
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Caring for our Environment (August 16, 2018), Pilipino Express

by Ting Mallari

It was a breezy and sunny afternoon on July 28, 2018, when a bunch of kids and young adults gathered not for your typical summer picnic but to learn more on how to care for the environment.

You read it right! Cultivating environmental awareness among the youth is at the core of this summer activity entitled Caring for Our Environment. The session was held at the Sir William Stephenson Library in Winnipeg and attended by 24 youth and adults.

The program consisted of a mix of games, videos and discussions that centred around important themes such as:

  • The basic 3Rs –- reduce waste, reuse resources, and recycle materials
  • Climate change
  • Endangered Species
  • Practical steps the youth can take to be environmentally responsible

Organizers of this event were all volunteers with the same heart for raising environmentally responsible youth who will be the next caretakers of Mother Earth. The group is spearheaded by Ramon Faustino Sales, Jr., together with Joanne Viviezca, Jane Amora-Remolacio, Karla Atanacio, Rizalina Cortez and Ting Mallari. Special thanks are also due to Ronald Remolacio for his valuable support. 

Access news at: http://www.pilipino-express.com/community/4307-caring-for-our-environment.html?fbclid=IwAR2Vx6zuAF9GHdl_7e6HAev3xiLln9Y93JwsCIidyiqs74gmPa5AuJaw0hY

Caring for our Environment-Manitoba receives an award

by Alberto Sangalang

The non-profit environmental organization, Caring of our Environment-Manitoba (CEM) Inc., held an appreciation and holiday celebration on November 23, 2019, at the Sir William Stephenson Library on Keewatin Street in Winnipeg.

It was an afternoon get-together of raffle prizes, a slideshow presentation, “getting to know each other,” food, fun, and laughter with partner organizations, sponsors, local media, supporters, families, friends, and guests, both young and old. Over 50 people attended.

CEM’s slideshow presentation featured its awareness raising activities that have promoted knowledge and action on environment and sustainability issues since the group’s creation in 2017.

In his welcome remarks, CEM President Ramon Sales recognized the important contributions of volunteers for their gift of time, energy and enthusiastic support to help people make a difference in our community in pursuit of the CEM’s vision, mission and goals.

The highlight of the event was the awarding of Certificates of Appreciation to CEM volunteers, donor/partner organizations, and local Filipino newspapers. Among the awardees were the Canadian Beverage Container Recycling Association (CBCRA)/Recycle Everywhere, CEM’s major partner organization, for its generous and continued support for CEM’s activities, and the Green Action Centre, which co-sponsored, along with CBCRA, a workshop on waste recycling, reduction and composting.

CEM also recognized the important contributions of the Manitoba Filipino Street Festival (MFSF) and Filipino Food Trip Festival for their joint initiative on raising awareness of event participants on waste recycling and reduction. At the MFSF event, CEM, together with CBCRA-Recycle Everywhere, had set up an information booth, distributed at least 1,800 recycling bags to event participants, and helped deploy at least 70 recycling bins within the two event sites and helped with their proper disposal. CEM also awarded local Filipino newspapers, namely, Artista News Magazine, the Filipino Journal and the Pilipino Express for their support of CEM’s goal of increasing public awareness on environment and sustainability issues.

At this event, Ms Melissa Dorota, Senior Outreach Coordinator of CBCRA/Recycle Everywhere presented an award to CEM as “Recycle Everywhere Champions 2019.” This was the first award given by CBCRA/Recycle Everywhere to a Filipino organization in Winnipeg.

The CEM would like to thank all attendees for their presence and participation and is deeply grateful for the generosity of sponsors. Door prize donors were the Recycle Everywhere, Midland Appliance World, MR. PEG, Ms Gina Gabriel of LandMhel Real Estate Services, Ms Linda Christine Mallari of Bayfield Mortgage and True Life House, University of the Philippines Alumni and Associates in Manitoba (UPAA-MB), Masagana Flower Farms and Studio, and Peter Tan. CEM is looking forward to continued support for its upcoming environmental awareness raising events and workshops.

For inquiries, please send an e-mail to CEM at caring4environment@gmail.com.

Alberto Sangalang is CEM’s Information Officer

Access news at: https://www.pilipino-express.com/community/4822-caring-for-our-environment-manitoba-receives-award.html

Caring for our Environment – Manitoba (CEM) Inc. Launches Awareness-Raising Events

By Ramon Faustino M. Sales, Jr., PhD*
President, Caring for our Environment – Manitoba (CEM) Inc.

The Caring for our Environment – Manitoba (CEM) Inc., a non-profit organization, recently held two events aimed at raising environmental awareness among the leaders and members of the Filipino community.

CEM’s mission is to promote awareness and understanding of environment and sustainability issues within the Filipino community and the broader society to enable people to make the right choices.

CEM participated in the 2-day Annual Manitoba Filipino Street Festival (MFSF) Samu’t Saring Saya! 2019 held last June 8-9 at the Maples Community Centre/Sports Multiplex and grounds.

In partnership with the Canadian Beverage Container Recycling Association (CBCRA), CEM set up a booth side-by-side with the Recycle Everywhere (RE) Smart Team at the event site. The booths were among the most popular venue with long queues of people taking turns to get free recyclable bin bags which can be used for picnics and large gatherings and “Do and Don’t” magnets. CEM members and volunteers talked about the importance of waste recycling at home, in schools and in the community. They also invited people to sign up for CEM events.

Last May 25, 2019, CEM, in partnership with CBCRA and Green Action Centre, launched a half-day workshop to increase the knowledge and awareness of the leaders and members of the Filipino community on waste recycling, reduction and composting. It was attended by around 50 leaders and members of various Filipino-Canadian community organizations.

The event marked CEM’s advance celebration of the World Environment Day which took place on June 5.

Access news at: https://filipinojournal.com/caring-for-our-environment-manitoba-cem-inc-launches-awareness-raising-events/

Caring for our Environment Manitoba’s summer events

Caring for our Environment Manitoba (CEM), Inc. held three events this summer to promote knowledge and action on environment and sustainability issues amidst the COVID-19 pandemic while still observing public health protocols.

Litter clean up

CEM held a Litter Clean Up on August 15, 2020 at Assiniboine Park in coordination with the Assiniboine Park Conservancy. Fifteen volunteers consisting of youth, small children and members of the organization joined in the activity. Kayla Lang, Associate Coordinator for Volunteer Services of the Assiniboine Park Conservancy, welcomed the group and provided them with garbage pickers and bags. Additional clear plastic bags for recyclables, donated by the Canadian Beverage Container Recycling Association (CBCRA), were also distributed by CEM. Everyone was excited, especially the kids as they walked around the vast greenery to pick up litter. Much to their delight, a friendly deer showed up as the group passed through the Boreal Forest section of the park and stayed long enough for them to take “selfies” and group pictures. The participants look forward to volunteering again in the near future.

Plant seedling fundraiser

The CEM also launched its first summer plant seedling fundraiser on July 5, 2020, to raise funds for its planned awareness-raising activities for this year and the coming year. These will include “CEM Talks” using virtual platforms possibly with an in-person component following current public health protocols. A variety of organic indoor plant and vegetable seedlings donated by CEM friends were sold in the parking lot of the former Sobeys supermarket on the corner of Burrows Avenue and Keewatin Street. CEM would like to thank its generous plant donors: Heidi Cruz, Lourdes Still, Myra Nunez, Mylene Pamplona, Rosalie Salazar, Rizalina Cortez, and May Sales, as well as CEM friends and members who helped to make the event a success.

Food hamper fundraiser

CEM, in partnership with the CBCRA, embarked on a food hamper fundraiser on June 13, 2020, for the benefit of Winnipeg Harvest, a not-for-profit organization dedicated to help support Winnipeggers in need through food surplus donations and training opportunities. The organization initiated a food hamper project in response to the adverse economic impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, in which an estimated 64,000 Manitobans, or four per cent of the total 1.6 million Canadians, have applied for Employment Insurance. Winnipeg Harvest anticipated that it will need to feed around 90,000 Manitobans or even more as the pandemic worsens. CEM handed over a total of 202 kilos of food items and a $281 cash donation to Winnipeg Harvest. CEM would like to thank the following donors to this fundraiser: Gina Gabriel, Jomay Amora-Dueck, Ernesto Ofiaza, Teody Leano, Roselyn Advincula and CEM members.

Ramon Faustino M. Sales, Jr., PhD. is the President of Caring for our Environment – Manitoba, Inc.

For inquiries regarding activities of CEM and application for membership and volunteering, please send us an email at: caring4environment@gmail.com.

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Caring for our Environment-Manitoba inducts new board

The Caring for our Environment-Manitoba (CEM) Inc., a non-profit environmental organization, held a virtual induction ceremony for its 2021-2022 board of directors on January 27, 2021.

CEM aims to promote knowledge and action on environment, climate change and sustainability issues within the Filipino community in Manitoba and the broader society. A total of 30 people attended.

The event started with a video-slide presentation highlighting CEM’s past and current activities. The CEM president then introduced the guest speaker, Mr. Rafael Senga, Senior Advisor, Global Energy Policy, of World Wildlife Fund (WWF) – International, who administered the oath-taking of the new Board members.

The new CEM Board of Directors consists of the following:

President, Ramon Faustino Sales, Jr.; Secretary, Nikki Mailom; Treasurer, Arlene Licardo-Lontoc; Auditor, Teody Leano; Head, Education Committee, Jomay Amora-Dueck; Head, External Relations Committee, Allan Pamplona; Head, Information and Communication Committee, Shiela Leano; Head, Membership Committee, Jane Remolacio; Head, Sponsorship Committee, Rizalina Cortez; Co-Heads, Youth Engagement Committee, Emily Evangelista and Maine Marquina.

Following the oath-taking, Mr. Senga made a presentation on “Accelerating the Energy Transition: Busting the Myth, Shifting the Narrative,” which explored the excessive burning of fossil fuels (oil, coal and natural gas) that emit heat-trapping (or greenhouse) gases in the atmosphere resulting in global climate change. Senga further noted that continued build-up of such gases will result in more intense and frequent, devastating weather events such as droughts, flooding, insect infestation, and high-intensity storms that will put millions of people largely from developing countries at risk.

To address this global problem, he emphasized the need to find new ways of thinking and doing things to be able to change the way we produce and use energy, water and our finite natural resources and to reduce our carbon footprint. All these are important to achieve a sustainable, low-carbon society for the benefit of both the present generation and those to come, and our Mother Earth.

Three members of the board then provided their responses to the presentation. Joanne Marie Dueck, Head of Education Committee, emphasized the need to change existing lifestyle and consumption patterns towards one that is sustainable and protects and preserves our finite natural resources. Emily Evangelista and Maine Marquina, Co-Heads of the CEM Youth Engagement Committee, highlighted the importance of fostering awareness among the youth and engaging them to take action on current environment, climate change and sustainability issues.

CEM partner organizations shared messages of solidarity with the new officers. Melissa Dorota, Senior Outreach Coordinator of Canadian Beverage Container Recycling Association (CBCRA) and Rowena Oquendo, Vice-President of Manitoba Filipino Street Festival (MFSF) stressed the importance of partnership building to advance shared organizational objectives. In 2019, CEM and CBCRA partnered to promote waste recycling at the MFSF event by setting up an information booth and distributed over 1,800 recyclable bags to event participants. In the same year, CEM received the 2019 Recycle Everywhere Champions Award.

As part of an intermission number, nine-year old Atasha Abquilen recited a poem on the environment “Protecting our Planet” written by a fifth grader, Caroline Keefe.

In her closing remarks, Shiela Leano, Head, Information and Communication Committee, encouraged the guests to share their learnings with other people and make a difference in our community by helping make Manitoba and Canada greener and cleaner.

Dominique Anne Mailom served as the event’s emcee and moderator.

CEM would like to thank the guests and participants who attended the virtual event. Individuals who are interested in joining or volunteering with CEM can contact the organization by e-mail at caring4environment@gmail.com.

Ramon Faustino M. Sales, Jr., PhD. is the president of Caring for our Environment-Manitoba Inc.
Access news at: http://www.pilipino-express.com/community/5137-caring-for-our-environment-manitoba-inducts-new-board.html